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Vertical Colour Mixer and Stirrer Cum Dryer

Vertical Colour Mixer with castor wheels small footprint and easy to move. Vertical Mixer reducer motor adopted to ensures low noise and long operation hours Fast complete mixing, low energy consumption and high productivity. Pail cover and bottom parts are compress formed, precisely matched & durable

Specification Vertical Mixer vary in size and features, but most will have the following basic specifications:
Motor: Typically a powerful motor, such as a 1/3 horsepower motor, is used to power the mixer.
Capacity: The capacity of the mixer will depend on the size and type of plastic material to be blended.
Speed: Plastic mixers typically offer adjustable speed settings to accommodate different types of materials.
Controls: Most mixers come with digital or analog controls to adjust the speed, time, and other settings.
Safety Features: Many plastic mixers come with safety features, such as overload protection, to prevent damage to the motor or other components.


Colour mixer used in the manufacturing of products such as pipes, films, sheets, and other plastic components in mixed with all kinds of plastic raw materials and color mixing, the old and new material and color mixing effects is better. Colour Mixer also be used for other materials, such as rubber, metal..